When Clients become friends

Often as a wedding photographer you are regarded hired help, which is fine because, well, we are.   But every now and then we get treated like guests, like friends.  With Nathan and Hannah it has been just like that.  We had a great time getting to know them before the wedding.  Particularly during our engagement shoot with them and it has just been a pleasure to work with them.   When we turned up at the reception we were rather pleasantly surprised to find that we actually had seats during the wedding breakfast!  Normally we get to grab a bite to eat in the kitchens or something (and we are happy with that) but on this occasion we were sitting with the rest of the grown ups.   Hannah did a great job with the decoration and the favours were no exception!  We’ll blog the rest of the wedding later.

Wedding photography of wedding favours at beahan wedding in Great denham Bedford, bedfordshire