Tim and Ben

We weren’t born wedding photographers, we were born tricycle racers!!

Ok so we are no longer 3/4 years old brothers, but if you recognise the decade the clothes are from you can probably guess how old we are now, it was a time of Cassette tapes, TVs with no remote controls and bikes with only front brakes (what were they thinking) We did everything together…fast forward…some…years and a lot has changed but one thing seems to have been a constant, Ben & Tim (I know we are talking about ourselves in the third person right now, please forgive us) are still a team to be reckoned with! We always shoot weddings together and never apart, this is us!


wedding photographers, - Milk Bottle Photography - Ben & Tim


So what’s Milk Bottle Photography all about then . . .

Thankfully we have grown up a little since most of the photos above were taken. Nowadays we combine our ginger super powers to create artful and insightful wedding photographs for awesome couples.  That’s Tim on the left and Ben on the right by the way.


One of my favourite things in the world is to have my home full of people who all need feeding. I am OCD about batteries, I have been known to take 10 camera batteries on a shoot where two would have done just fine (you just never know). I grew up surrounded by arty, creative people feeling like I was the non-arty one, until I took a picture one day that I actually thought was beautiful. From that point onwards when I hear people say they are not creative or arty I tell them they just haven’t found their medium yet. I am addicted to salt and vinegar crisps and cheap icing covered donuts (with extra sprinkles).


My favorite thing in the world (apart from my wife and kids) is probably Cadburys chocolate with a glass of cold milk, I know I am bit strange, I think it’s because I was deprived of chocolate as a kid. I love making my friends proper coffee, flat whites, lattes, esspessos, you name it…but I don’t like coffee myself, I’ve been trying for years to like it. I love laughing and thankfully I find my wife (Nicole)  really funny.  I’m a Taurus, but that means diddlie-squat to me, I was just born in April, the same day as the Queen in fact…not the same year! I love good design. I’m a geek not a nerd, that makes me a little bit more “down with the kids”. I have an uncanny ability to retain useless facts about cars. I like a spot of CrossFit and rock climbing when I have the time.

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Question you might have….

Who was the fastest tricycle racer?

Did you mum use a bowl to cut your hair?

Did you find any treasure at the bottom of the hole on the beach?

Did your parents make you wear matching bash street kids jumpers?

Who are the Bash Street Kids?

What was the medal for?

If you want the answers to any of these questions…

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