Who will photograph my wedding?

We love working together so you will get both of us whether you like it or not! It is worth noting that we are both the main photographer. You are not getting one good photographer and an assistant. We think this works particularly well in the morning of your wedding because it means we can split up and capture a full story from both sides, wherever you are getting ready. The rest of the day is spent getting as

Are you insured?

We are fully insured. We have public liability up to something like £15 million! The mind boggles as to what you would need to do to incur that much in damages but never mind!

Do you have backup equipment?

First of all we have at least two of everything because there are two of us. We have some spares in addition to that too. Just in case.

Can we print images ourselves?

The way we look at it, its your wedding so you can do whatever you like with your photos.  However, if you want us to help you with getting things printed then just let us know and I am sure we will be able to lend a hand.

Why do we need a pre-wedding shoot?

We love pre-wedding shoots. They are such a good opportunity to get together, go for a walk, take some lovely photos and get used to each other. That way, when we get to your wedding day there are no surprises and nothing to be nervous about. That is why we do them.

How long do we have to wait to see our photos?

Our aim is always to edit your wedding in the week following your wedding. That way everything is fresh in our minds. Sometimes during busy periods that might not be possible but you should never have to wait more that 2 weeks.

Do you do group shots?

Absolutely. We tend not to put them on our site but we do them at pretty much every wedding. We don’t limit how many you can do either. It is your wedding, if you want every family derivation possible (and if your wedding timelines allows it) then that is totally fine. We will give you advice as to how many we think you can fit into your day when we come to chat through the details with you.

We don’t like having our pictures taken, can you help?

We would say that probably 90% of our couples fall within the bracket of mildly nervous all the way to totally petrified of having their photos taken. That is one of the main reasons we do pre-wedding shoots, so that we can get all those nerves out of the way.

Do you require a meal at our reception?

We are not divas, we don’t require spring water from the mountains of Patagonia and goose down pillows to rest our heads. We know that budgets can be tight and food can be expensive so we can bring our own food. As long as we know beforehand so we can get our packed lunch together. We would of course never turn down food if it was available though.

What do we need to do if we want to book you?

First of all, that would be simply splendid, second of all you would just need to pay a deposit, sign our terms and conditions and we are all yours.


More questions? or just want to meet us for a chat about your wedding?