Wedding: James and Emily

Now James and Emily, what can I say…

This wedding was ‘especially special’ for me as James is one of my very best friends and I was honoured to be asked to be his best man.  I obviously accepted and this left Ben on his own shooting this one.  Ben and I do all our weddings together so it was strange to not have a camera in my hand alongside him.  He did a great job though, he’s a great photographer, I’m really proud of him.


These first couple are of James listening to the speech Andy and I had prepared.  We were very kind to him overall but as you can see we made him squirm just a little.  He couldn’t get completely off the hook now could he!


James and Emily have a real thing for Japan and elements of this obsession crept into their wedding day with plum blossom everywhere (including on the cake) and origami on the tables for the guests during the meal.


Such a great cake, all flowers were made by hand out of icing.  I don’t know how they do it.


These things were great.  The favours doubled as the guests name places on the tables and they were apples each with their own knitted jacket that a friend of theirs had done all my hand leading up to the wedding.  That is what i call a good friend!



This is one of my favourite shots from this year, I love the expression, I love the shape of the hair and the detail of the eye brows and the tiara.  Well done Ben!