In the deep dark tunnel

A friend of ours told us about a disused railway tunnel and after he’d described it we knew we needed to shoot it.  For some reason we chose a cold cold cold night for our first visit. The approach was a little sketchy and we were pretty close to injuring ourselves a couple of times.  After a few near missed we found it and crawled through the small gap at the mouth of the tunnel.

We were greeted by “dark”.  I don’t just mean it was dark down there, I mean that the darkness was tangible somehow, you almost felt like if you reached out and grabbed you would actually be able to touch it, it was incredible.  Light from our torches was swallowed up somehow by the thick darkness.

Ok I think you get the point, it was pretty dark?!

Shooting in complete darkness has its challenges, the main being you can’t see what you are pointing your camera at until you have taken the photo you see it on the back of your camera.  It was so interesting what we found once we had done our lighting.  We didn’t do a great job of hiding one of the lights in the middle but I thought I would leave it in anyway.

Below is a shot with Tom (a willing assistant on the night).  Excuse the quality of this one, it was just a test shot.  I quite like the grainy quality on this one at times though.

This was an idea that we didn’t quite pull of but we were trying to play around with some reflections in some water that had collected down there.

Here was one of our final shots.  We really like it.  The textures on the brickwork is amazing down there.  We definately plan to go back there and take some more shots.  Maybe when its a bit warmer though.

Happy Wednesday!