Pre-wedding Photography Barkshire | Andy & Odele

We all sat and chatted through the details of Andy and Odele’s wedding in the streaming sunshine in a pub garden in Berkshire supping a ice cold drink. Ben and I simultaneously thinking “this is the life”, great people, great weather, good times.

Andy and Odele are going to have a massive village fete themed wedding. It is going to be a blast. They both work in childrens work and so have invited all the children they work with to come to their special day. Both Andy and Odele have hearts of gold, they are perfect for each other.

We went for a little wander around a local forest where Andy and Odele go for walks sometimes. It was a lovely setting, the sun was low and piercing through the trees. There was however the very unwelcome presence of ants. I don’t mean just a few ants here and there, I mean ANTS, everywhere! Andy and Odele were troopers though with Andy kind of…just ignoring it really, and Odele hopping from one foot to another to avoid giving the pesky little critters a chance to crawl up her legs.

Here are some images from our time together.

pre wedding photography barkshire