Wedding: Dan and Jen

You might remember Dan and Jen’s engagement shoot back in er June I think.  Well now is time for their wedding.  Dan and Jen were extra excited about their wedding and their excitement really rubbed off on Ben and I.  We had such a great day, when we were going through editing this one we kept looking over at eachother and just smiling because we were still having fun with it.  I was with Jen on this one while Ben stayed with Dan.  I have to say i was somewhat jealous to hear that Ben got a fry up!

The great thing with this wedding is that we knew Dan and Jen were going to be comfortable with the photos section of the day as we had had such a great time with them previously.  That was a real weight off our shoulders too and it helped us relax and enjoy the day even more.  Anyway, enough waffle.


Here is a bit of that excitement that I was talking about.  They really enjoyed the ceremony and it showed.

Ben and I particularly liked the wedding car.  It was a huge American Caddy.


Dan doing his macho man act…