Tipi Wedding Photography in the New Forest | Dan & Sarah

Tim and I long ran out of friends to shoot wedding for, so now we are starting to shoot weddings for our friends children!!! We have know Sarah since she was born, so I have always regarded her as “young”. However, Sarah has been surprising me for a few years now, first she passed her driving test and I was like…”but you are not old enough to drive yet”, then she went to uni…she was definitely too young for that, she must have been one of those child prodigies or something. Then she graduated as a flippin doctor, it was at this point I am began to realise that maybe time is actually moving forward, and Sarah is finally becoming and adult. Enter Dan, the first time we met he inadvertently became “the entertainment” for Poppy (my 6 years old daughter) she would not let him go but I am not sure Dan wanted adult conversation he was clearly enjoying Poppy’s games mainly using Dan as a horse to ride if memory serves. It turns out that Poppy is a very good judge of character, Dan you are a legend!

So Sarah…you are married and you are official and adult and I am officially old!! I will from this moment on cease being surprised by your age!! :-)

So Dan & Sarah…enjoy your wedding photos!!