Facebook: Please “like”us!!!

Hey guys.

We have had a facebook group for a while now but we have been told by some cool and “in-the-know” people that facebook groups are sooo 2009 so we are launching a fan page.  It will make life a lot easier for us to upload new content and link to our blog posts etc so we will be phasing out the Milkbottle Photography group and replacing it with an all new page called: “Ben and Tim at Milkbottle Photography”.

Please search for it and please “Like” us!

We will be posting all out new blogs posts on there so you wont miss a thing.  We will also be posting all about the things that we see in he wedding industry, things we love things we…er…don’t love so much and things that inspire us.

We hope you like it.

Just in case you have fogotten what we look like, and because you can’t have a blog post without a picture, here is a picture of the two of us.  Don’t we look lovely!

Tim and Ben wedding photographers for Milkbottle photography